April 30th- Duncanville Fieldhouse- CANCELED

Chaos Jiu Jitsu:  I am sad to announce that I will no longer able to compete on this event. Due to outside forces I am having to withdraw. 


I wish everyone who is competing good luck!


Don't feel bad...Life happens and all is good. 


See you on the mat again soon! 



May 15th- NYTEX Sports Center

Chaos Jiu Jitsu: I will be competing in the IBJJF No Gi Pans.


Blue Belt Masters 2 Division 

This event is closed to the public but will be airing LIVE on Flograppling.



IBJJF No Gi Pans 2021.JPG
Summer 2023

European Tour: John Chaos Sideshow 20yr Anniversary Tour.

Plan to bring the Sideshow to Europe. First time since 2006.

More News Coming Soon!